Five time Grammy and Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho hosts the most important award show ever! Dubbed “Sexism’s Most Glamorous Night,” Lady Parts Justice's Golden Probes are an extravaganza of comedy and music, created to raise awareness about the politicians running for office this fall who pose the biggest threat to reproductive rights! 

Along with Cho, the Probes is also thrilled to announce special appearances by Stormy DanielsLizz Winstead (The Daily Show, founder of Lady Parts Justice), Taylor SchillingNatasha LyonneJessica Pimentel (Orange Is the New Black), Dan Savage (Host of Savage Lovecast, Writer of Savage Love), Mae Whitman (Arrested Development), Jordan Klepper (The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper), Dulcé Sloan (The Daily Show), Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill), Michelle Buteau (WNYC’s Late Night Whenever), Brian UngerMike Hot-PenceHolly MirandaAmbrosia ParsleyFranchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey WITH MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS TO COME!

With Roe v Wade on the chopping block, the midterm elections are more important than ever! 

We want you to join us LIVE IN THE AUDIENCE at NYC’s historic Town Hall, for all the pomp and patriarchy! Added bonus: you will help raise awareness about what’s at stake for reproductive rights in the midterms! Tickets on sale now.


Thanks for taking action with Lady Parts Justice where YOU get to call out outstanding achievement in sexism and misogyny. Who’s your choice for the People’s Probe, and why?
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