2016 Nominees and Winners!

It was a year of OUTSTANDING performances by the BIGGEST SEXIST ASSHOLES, all incredible individuals who have really excelled at suppressing reproductive rights and access. 

Legislature of the Year nominees included North Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and the WINNER, Oklahoma! (videos of the performances from each state coming soon!)

Check out all of the other categories, nominees, and winners below! 

BEST ACTING LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT WOMEIN IN A NON-SUPPORTIVE ROLE nominees included South Carolina State Senator Tom Corbin, Alaska Senate Majority Leader Pete Kelly, Arkansas State Rep Kim Hammer, and Iowa Congressman Steve King (WINNER). Congratulations to all the nominees!

BEST ORIGINAL SCIENCE nominees included Idaho State Representative Vito Barbieri, U.S. Senator John Thune of South Dakota, U.S. Senator, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Texas Congressman Michael Burgess, and Virginia State Representative Bob Marshall (WINNER). All outstanding.

OUTSTANDING UNDERPERFORMANCE BY A POLITICIAN IN A LEADING ROLE nominees were: Utah State Representative Brian Green, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (WINNER). This one was almost too close to call. 

BEST PERFORMANCE IN AN UNSCRIPTED DIGITAL SHORT nominees included Colorado Radio host Bryan Fischer, Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman,  Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin, and Oklahoma State Senator, Joseph Silk (WINNER). All award-worthy performances.

BEST ADAPTATION OF REALITY nominees included Minnesota Congressional Candidate Jason Lewis, Georgia State Representative Terry England, President of Operation Rescue, Troy Newman, Carol Everett, the Second-Highest Grant Recipient from the Texas Women's Health Program, and Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine (WINNER). Great work, everyone.

OUTSTANDING WRITING IN SHARPIE, HOBBY LOBBY SUPPLIES, AND/OR MICROSOFT PAINT nominees included: Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing, Purdue Students for Life, Texas State Senator Konni Burton, Arizona Theology Teacher Gavin Ahern, and Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz (WINNER). Unparalleled work, people.  

It was a clean sweep at the 2016 Golden Probe TECH AWARDS! David Daleiden took home awards in ALL of the following categories: Violating the Federal RICO Act in a Full-Length False Feature Film, Wire Fraud and/or Mail Fraud in a Fantasy Short Film, Invasion of Privacy in an Unscripted Non-Reality, Non Factual Film, Violating the Federal Eavesdropping Statute in a Doctored Live-Action Short, Illegal Recording and Trespassing in an Original Screenplay Made of Lies. Congratulations, David! Your extreme innoative spirit is EXACTLY what the Golden Probes is all about.