Golden Probes Watch Party with Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado in DENVER

  • RSVP for the PP watch party in Denver here! They're asking for a $5 donation and there will be a bar! You don't want to miss this event at Syntax Physic Opera (554 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209.) They would love to see you all there "to watch and laugh and MOTIVATE ourselves for the final push before election day!" 

And shout out to house parties across Colorado!

  • Theresa D. is planning a private house party in FORT COLLINS called Golden Probe Awards Celebration Spread where attendees intend to laugh their asses off. Don't forget to hashtag your best pics with #2016GoldenProbes so we all can get a peek of the action!
  • Lynn Y. and Ann P. will be partying along with the Probes livestream from COLORADO SPRINGS

We hope everyone watching throughout Colorado will be serving tuxedo hotdogs and washing them down with sparkling champs or cocktails served in gold sugar-rimmed glasses. No Preesh.

We wanna see what's happening at your party so make sure to use the hashtag on social media!!! #2016GoldenProbes

& Don't forget to Text 'PROBE' to 83224 to donate! Thank you!